Our service portfolio is designed around strengthening organisations when it comes to data risk.

By focusing on building a core Data Protection Framework, augmented by a number of complementary services, Digital Risk Experts can transform one of an organisation’s biggest operating risks into one of its richest commercial assets. Our clients face serious consequences if they do not manage their data risk and curate the strongest possible cyber posture. 

Data is the new currency and every organisation must comprehensively address data security and prevent data breaches. Let’s face it, data is never going to stop growing in volume and variety. We need to safely negotiate an unquantifiable increasingly risky landscape where:

  • Data is a strategic asset​ 
  • Data is a key revenue driver​ 
  • Data is bought and sold​ 
  • Data is regulated​ 
  • Data is manipulated​ 
  • Data is stolen​ 

We transform data risk for clients via our iPaaS to Assess, Recommend, Implement and Manage to help them achieve a best practice, sustainable and consistent Data Protection Framework  

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High Risks of Unmanaged Data Protection ​  

  • Financial loss:  compensation, incident response, investigation, legal fees, regulatory fines, share price damage 
  • Operational downtime: according to Gartner the average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute.  Operations may need to be completely shut down in response to a breach.  This process takes months and firms have liquidated post breach​ 
  • Legal action: organisations are legally bound to demonstrate they have taken all necessary steps to protect data.  If it is compromised intentionally or not, individuals can seek legal action to claim compensation and lawyers launch class actions within days​ 
  • Reputational damage: devastating and long-lasting for business.  Research shows up to a third of customers in retail, finance and healthcare will stop using a business that has been breached  
Legal Digital Workspace Services

Service portfolio


Efficiency, Compliance and Security Assessment
Our hands-on program for designing your new legal data framework. Bringing together the best in data risk IP, expert practitioners and AI tooling to ‘start fast’ so you can finish strong

ECS Assessment


Data Protection Framework
Continuously assessing and monitoring for risk with regular recommendations to pro-actively and pre-emptively manage data risk

Data Protection Framework


Taking data in silos and making intelligence in the round to give executives the full picture on their risk position



On Demand Services
Pre-empting, reacting or remediating – complementary services that target gain where it counts

On Demand Services