DRE joins with Savient to develop Savitrace

With deep domain experience in understanding how software is created and built, including the use of AI, Digital Risk Experts is honoured to have helped create a new software tool, Savitrace, a tool …

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Are Your Employees Inadvertently Adding Holes In Your Security?

The two best assets of any business, people and data are where most risk lurks. 80% of corporate data is unstructured, created by people, in many formats, sent internally and externally to third …

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At DRE, we're fully aware of the urgency of environmental issues. Trees play a crucial role in lessening their impact, and we're committed to this cause. Our core values emphasise taking care of our …

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How to protect your business when cyber insurance premiums sky rocket

An organisation’s capacity to manage and contain cyber risk has become a commercial imperative. Whether it’s a major outage or a data breach, the potential financial and reputational losses from a …

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Data and digital risk prevention: a business risk and a business opportunity

We all know, data breaches and digital controversies can be brand affecting and detrimental to company valuation.  Yet somehow, it’s common to behave as though immune to this, protected by …

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IFA Business Owner? How to ward off FCA and ICO attention

We all know trust drives growth, especially in matters financial. But it’s more than being relied upon to give great advice. Trust in your technology is part of the trust people have in you and your …

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Dora The Digital Operational Resilience Act

Dora the data explorer

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is an EU Regulation aimed at the financial sector. It contains extensive requirements that businesses need to be aware of and preparing for.

Although it …

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You'd be nuts to ignore the increasing risk of cyber attacks on your business

The company that owns brands such as KP Nuts and Hula Hoops was recently targeted by a ransomware cyberattack.

The company has reported that this will result in supply chain issues and a shortage of …

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Volume of data - a help or a hindrance in the legal world?

Dame Victoria Sharp DBE, President of the Queen's Bench Division, recently gave a speech at the National Criminal Justice Conference commenting on technology and digital data challenges.  

Since 80% …

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How artificial and human intelligences are coming together to change the early data assessment game

Early data assessment is changing. Legal consultant Rachel Mills explains why.

The logic of early data assessment has always been undeniable, even more so now given the technological advances we’ve …

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