On Demand Services

Digital Risk Experts offers a range of instant services:


Data Assessments

At every step of the process, Digital Risk Experts is committed to minimising risk and improving quality for our clients. With years of ediscovery expertise under our belts, our legal technology professionals have become trusted advisors to our clients, enabling them to overcome any challenge at any stage of the EDRM from imposing a legal hold to full blown disclosure exercise.

This rich mix of skill set and technology enable Digital Risk Experts to respond to clients to help with ECA, litigation, Cyber risk triage, post data breach analysis, M&A due diligence, contentious and non-contentious investigations, regulatory investigations, regulatory reporting. Our Cyber team provide effortless collaboration when needed.


Managed Document Review

Working with the highest-quality legal review for the lowest project cost, Digital Risk Experts’ proprietary processes and reporting ensure successful outcomes for our clients. It all starts with our team of talented lawyers dedicated to their clients, working in a positive and collaborative environment, and directed by seasoned project management leaders.

We produce knowledge-retaining teams that become more efficient and effective with each case working with the same legal teams for the same clients, and in touch with the same in-house and outside counsel for matter after matter.


M&A Due Diligence

The Global M&A market in 2020 was $3.7trn, and in the UK it was valued at c£350bn.  In a survey by EY, 57% of CEOs said they would consider an acquisition in the next 12 months as a means of growth. 

The M&A and transactions market is expected to be buoyant in the next 1-3 years.  M&A due diligence manual processes often ‘miss’ key information at the pertinent time, causing issues post deal. Our team can help our clients navigate and strengthen the due diligence process.


Software Technology Solutions & Big Data Analytics

Working closely with one our Strategic Partners, we are able to bring adaptable and agile ways of working to our clients’ projects, to get results – fast. Our approach provides end-to-end delivery assurance, combining the use of key methodologies with industry best practice. Collaborating closely with our clients, and driven by our deep commitment to continuous improvement, we deliver software technology solutions that work the way our clients’ business thinks.


Contract Discovery and Lifecycle Management

With many technologies to choose from, DRE understands and tracks the data tech market and works with best-in-class AI technologies to rapidly, effectively and defensibly “discover” the proverbial data needle in a haystack.

With our Nextgen Contracting for Performance, we design solutions using AI algorithms to search legacy contract populations to understand those contracts performing well and those that create financial, operational, legal compliance, privacy and cyber risk. This informs the business as to the most cost-effective and appropriate 'fix' solution. We then assist with lifecycle on going management to ensure that our clients are contracting for performance.

Legal Data Workspace on demand services